SPITEFUEL to release “Flame To The Night” on November 8th!

After last year’s release of the outstanding concept album that is “Dreamworld Collapse”, SpiteFuel have caused some anxiety among the fans with the departure of their frontman and the introduction of the new singer Philipp Stahl. Without suffering a long creative break, the songwriting machine composed by guitarists Eurich and Pflügler continued to run at full speed and created 11 new tracks which have opened a whole new chapter in the history of the band.

“Flame To The Night” is the name of the new full-length which was produced during the summer at the Gernhart Studio Troisdorf under the direction of Martin Buchwalter, and is set to be released on November 8th via Black Sunset/MDD.

Fans can expect to listen to the band’s trademarks: their technically sophisticated guitar riffing and a lot of feel and melody with a new, more “snotty” attitude to a wild, rocking, metallic mixture, which shows that there is only one direction for the band: Full speed ahead! Be prepared!