VHÄLDEMAR to re-issue “Metal of the World” via Fighter Records

Spanish heavy metal veterans VHÄLDEMAR are about to see their third album “Metal of the World” re-issued through Fighter Records on November 19th.

Originally self-released in 2013, “Metal of the World” is another great album by a band of pure heavy metal which helped to strengthen the great trajectory and personal sound of VHÄLDEMAR. Without a doubt an essential piece in the discography of every fan.

You can listen to the single “Dusty Road”:

Tracklist for “Metal of the World” is as follows:
01. River of Blood
02. Dusty Road
03. Saints of Hell
04. Metal of the World
05. Wartime
06. My Nightmare
07. Wild Hearts
08. Bastards
09. Action
10. Light and Darkness
11. Arrows Flying High
12. Bach’s Invention
13. Old King’s Visions (III)