Uivo Bastardo – “Clepsydra” (Rock; Metal; Industrial)

Uivo Bastardo – “Clepsydra”
Ethereal Sound Works
13 May 2019

Uivo Bastardo is the culmination of an old idealization that only finds its true expression at the end of 2017, when Helder Raposo and André Louro (both former Kronos) and David Jerónimo (Concealment) join forces. The ideas and embryonic structures that existed found fertile ground in David Jerónimo’s production work, which early on also assumed the role of drummer, thus helping to forge an intense, organic and visceral sound. The stylistic porosity on which it is based situates the sound of Uivo Bastardo in the fringes of the broad spectrum of heavy rock and metal, with electronic and industrial elements, and always shouted in Portuguese. With a lyrical universe revolving around existential pessimism, disenchantment and misanthropy are the poetic coordinates that fuel what is urgently expelled.

In early 2019, the band signed a contract with Etherealsoundworks for the release of their debut album – Clepsydra – which was released on May 13, 2019.