Infamy – “Age of Deceit” – Heavy metal, Hard Rock from India

Infamy – “Age of Deceit”
3 July 2019

Infamy is a band based out of Bangalore, India that plays a mix of 80s traditional heavy metal and hard rock.

‘Age of Deceit’ was released on July 3rd, 2019. As the title suggests, the overall theme of the E.P. revolves around the fact that everything we think we know about politics, religion, media and all the other institutions is fundamentally wrong and that there exists a reptilian race that has been ruling us for millennia.

Listeners can expect 5 tracks of pulverizing old school heavy metal in the vein of bands like Judas Priest, Megadeth, Motorhead, Accept and Saxon.

Genre: Heavy metal, Hard Rock
Country: India

Nehal Shastri – Vocals/Bass (Bass on all tracks, Vocals on ‘Age of Deception and Day of Retribution)

Vineesh Venugopal – Vocals (Hellfire, Fatal Freedom)
Aashish Gururaj – Guitars/Vocals (Guitars on all tracks, Vocals on ‘Smoking Gun’)
Govind Narayanan – Drums

Mixed and Mastered by Clinton Stephen Selvam