In Sanity – “Welcome To The Show” – Melodic Death Metal

In Sanity – “Welcome To The Show”
Black Sunset/MDD
18 October 2019

Germany’s melodic death metal collective In Sanity are set to release their third full-length “Welcome To The Show” on October 18th.

Founded with the goal to explore all the great things we can find in the good old melodic death metal of the nineties, the band has taken a path of their own and reached a whole new dimension in 2019 with “Welcome To The Show”, which can be defined as the band’s masterpiece.

Erik Sollmann (Vocals)
John Turner (Guitar, B-vocals)
Nino Carovac (Guitar,B-vocals)
Andrey Astafiev (Bass)
Tim Lobner (Guitar)
Sophia Voss (Drums)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal