Phantasmal – “Ansaan Syntyneet – Ansaan Kuolleet” – Death Metal from Finland

Phantasmal – “Ansaan Syntyneet – Ansaan Kuolleet”
31 May 2019

Phantasmal’s “Ansaan Syntyneet – Ansaan Kuolleet” serves as a solid point of entry for fans of the black/death metal hybrids, blasting and bursting their way through the six tracks that are presented in this dark and dismal record.

We invite you to take a deep dive into the highly distorted and muddy riffs, a versatile vocal performance that carries an extreme sound through an atmospheric journey, and the raw aesthetics of “Ansaan Syntyneet – Ansaan Kuolleet”.

Leevi Kämäräinen – Guitars, bass, vocals
Niilo Kämäräinen – Drums

Country: Finland
Genre: Death Metal