Andralls – “Bleeding For Thrash” – Thrash metal from Brazil ( MDD Records)

Andralls – “Bleeding For Thrash”
MDD Records
11 October 2019

With the goal in mind to play fast and aggressive thrash metal – which the band would later call “fasthrash” -, Brazil’s Andralls return with their sixth full-length “Bleeding for Thrash”; an aggressive, technical, dirty and fast effort where you’ll find elements from thrash metal, death metal, punk, traditional metal, industrial and even a little bit of country music.

The writing and recording sessions were clouded by Alex Coelho’s thyroid cancer diagnosis. The vocalist/guitarist decide to keep writing while preparing for treatment and surgery in order to remove the tumor. The musician was unable to sing for about six months and had to re-learn how to do it in order to record the album. Now Alex Coelho is cured and screaming more than ever!