Interview: Profanation

Tell us about your latest release: the main concept; what fans should expect; what were/are your goals with it:

With the new album, we feel we made a good step forward.
All songs are finely balanced between speed, aggression and groove. Somehow we managed to create a red line, connecting all the songs even though it‘s not a conceptual record.
All songs are framed by the ‘Incantation’ and ‘A Place To Pray’ that perfectly support the atmosphere we wanted to create.
In a way it‘s old school death metal, but made for modern times with a superb production and influenced not only by the classics.
Compared to our other albums it‘s the next step towards perfection.
Our first two albums being really wild and combining death metal and grindcore.
Since the Lustful Screams Of Torture album, we‘ve always grown musically, creating the songs as the essence of what we all love in death metal. Speaking of goals, we’re really happy to have released another album and the main thing will be to gain a bit more recognition worldwide and play as many shows as possible.

Did you have a specific sound in mind when you formed the band, or did that grow and evolve as you played together?

Definitely the second point, in the beginning Profanation was planned to be a Black Metal band but somehow it very fast developed into the Death Metal and Grindcore direction. Today it’s more to the Death Metal side but we don’t care about borders here and just play what we like.

How does your writing process normally work out?

Mostly Alex starts with a new riff and develops that with our drummer Luxl into first ideas. Lately also Vincent throws new stuff in. Were pretty traditional in songwriting as we don’t use guitar pro or so. The songs just evolve over time and we only have to keep track in our minds, haha.
What are your ambitions and how far do you want to push your band?
Definitely doing the things we love as long as possible. Keep on writing new songs and releasing albums. Already have a good movement after the album release with more live shows than ever and we just hope to be able to play the UK or America someday soon.

What are your influences/musical references and the impact those same influences had in your sound?

You absolutely can smell all those 90s Death Metal pioneers in our sound and sense the impact these had. Nevertheless we’re not strictly old school and work on developing a sound of our own. Somehow the best situation to hear our sound is visiting one of our shows!

What’s next for you?

A few great shows coming up and we also have some new song ideas coming. Just don’t want to spend another 8 years until our next release…