Algebra – “Pulse?” – Thrash Metal from Switzerland

Algebra – “Pulse?”
Unspeakable Axe Records
30 September 2019

“Pulse?”, defined by Algebra: «This album is a story about who we are and where we are going, building upon the themes from our previous albums and the meaning of our name Algebra: The Universe is all mathematics, therefore those who control the data and know how to use it have the power. This discovery has been in the hands of humanity for centuries and is now, more than ever, propelling our evolution, growth and inequalities. This makes us even more constrained by selfishness and anxiety, on a planet with limited space and resources. We are now worrying and ineffectively talking about sustainability, but the majority of us do not want to give up earning more, a more luxurious lifestyle and more kids. Likewise, companies, organizations and nations do not want to give up their goals of being number one, otherwise they will get crushed by the others.

“Humanity has been worried about the end of the World for millennia, but soon we will not even be able to hang onto hope, since we have increasingly better data and studies to prove climatic, economic and political disasters are near. In these times, we might turn to new religions, praying for technology and artificial intelligence to solve all our problems, when in fact it centralizes power even further and, some day, could even lead to a Singularity that will replace us or maybe an even worst “sci-fi” scenario: use the data from our consciousness to resuscitate us and trap us in a simulation. However, according to simulation theory, this may already be the case and, if so, it would be a great explanation for existence, where God is a Singularity without empathy and we are just data and code.

The goal of these lyrics were to try and make some sense of the World and use these ideas to create an album which can lead to positive outcomes and satisfaction, such as connecting with others who are also feeling a bit lost.”

Ed: vocals and lead guitar
Phil: rhythm guitars
Mat: bass
Tony: drums and acoustic guitar

Country: Switzerland
Genre: Thrash Metal