Gabestok to Release Debut Album ‘TRE’ on October 25

“If you’re standing in shit up to your neck, don’t hang your head”

Anonymous Danish saying

Gabestok, a Copenhagen-based duo consisting of Fleep (guitar/ vocals) and DØ (drums), play a frenetic blend of punk, black metal and garage rock. Their debut album ‘TRE’ will be released on vinyl and digitally on October 25th via Strange Aeons Records. A release show will be held at Mayhem in Copenhagen, Denmark, on November 9th.

With its eight cuts, ‘TRE’ is the band’s longest release to date, prolonging Gabestok’s tongue-in-cheek experiments as featured on ‘II’ (Havngær) and the ‘Korpsånd’ compilation released by Fallow Field, Tour De Garde and Nattetale. The ’70’s horror-infested style that was introduced on Gabestok’s very first release “Brystet” is now violently increasing in pace, intensity and energy.

You can pre-order the album now via Strange Aeons Records:

1. Dusinmenneske 
2. Indebrændt 
3. Et sortsyn 
4. Du får først fred når du dør 
5. Værre end sidst 
6. Du giver mig udslæt 
7. På vej hjem fra i går 
8. Intet uden

Video teaser: