Mindreaper – “Mirror Construction (…a disordered World)” – Melodic Thrash-/Death Metal from Germany

Mindreaper – “Mirror Construction (…a disordered World)”
Black Sunset
8 June 2018
CD | Digital

“Mirror Construction (… a disordered World)” is about reflecting on the everyday realities of people. All songs describe how advanced, hypocritical and mendacious our society works. The lyrics of the songs represent a kind of held out mirror in a metaphorical, philosophical, imaginative, but above all always enlightened rational point of view. Sometimes it is thematically individual acting persons (Bull’s Eye, Mirror Artifacts, Purity of Wrath, Against the Flood, Torch’s Fall) or the big picture and its effects (Enigma, Stillborn God, Passage to Extinction, New Age Tyranny, Story of Rejection).

People can expect a record full of straight Death/Thrash Metal tracks with a little bit old school vibe in it, without trying to be a copy of it.

Sebastian Rehbein
Christian Schoenke
Marcel Bangert
Manuel Nozulak

Country: Germany
Genre: Melodic Thrash-/Death Metal