MELANGIA – “Rèquiem” (Melodic Doom Death metal)

MELANGIA – “Rèquiem”
Negre planY
24 June 2019

The name MELANGIA translates as “Melancholy” in Catalan language.

After the end of Mortal Mutilation in 1994, some of its members kept working together on what would be the last track written by the now extinct band. Having slowed down during the next years, “Rèquiem” (one 27 minute track divided into 7 parts) was arranged in 2010 by Carlos and Darshan, recorded by 3 ex-Mortal Mutilation members (Darshan, Carlos and Thrash’et), while the lyrics were assigned to Darshan and Fiar (Foscor, Graveyard, Dawn ov Hate) was in charge of vocals.

“Rèquiem” may be understood as a tribute to classic Doom Death metal from the early 90’s.

Thrash’et (Drums); Darshan (Guitars); Carlos (Guitars and Effects); Fiar (Bass and voices)

Country: Catalunya
Genre: Melodic Doom Death metal