Legion Of Bokor – “#Digital_Life” – Hard Rock / Heavy Metal from Austria

Legion Of Bokor – “#Digital_Life”
Terrasound Records
13 September 2019

Imagine about 100 years of stage experience in many rock and metal-styles bound together in one band.
Imagine a singer who is well versed in a lot of singing techniques, like clean vocals, from crooning to rapping as well as screaming and growling.
Imagine a punch in the audience’s face with every song and catchy choruses for the perfect rock show.

THIS is what “LEGION OF BOKOR” is all about!

Founded in Vienna in 2010, they are a solid support for international bands to get the party started as well as a headliner that takes every location down to Zombietown.

In the beginning of 2014 they teamed up with a new drummer and now they have finally released their first studio-album entitled “LEGION OF BOKOR”, featuring 11 heavy-rocking tracks and an all-new sound-experience. With more than 50 minutes that really kick ass, this is a great mixture of Rock’n’Roll, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

The Mosh – Vocals
Randy Reed – Guitar
Hare Hotter – Guitar
Bennet Ration – Bass
LX – Drums

Country: Austria
Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal