UNANSWERED rip – “CASUALTIES OF INNOCENCE” – Thrash Metal from France (AUTOPRODUCTION The Unanswered Society)

AUTOPRODUCTION The Unanswered Society
26 October 2019

Founded in 2014, UNANSWERED is a thrash (glam) metal band from Bergerac with a veteran werewolf as their mascot.

“Casualties of Innocence”, the band’s second album, tells the story of a man with three lives. He dies the first time when he loses his illusions, the second when he loses his innocence, and finally the third when he actually dies.

“All really atrocious things begin in innocence.” Ernest Hemingway …

This album is a little guided tour of the horror of our normality… Everything is normal: many drink their alcohol while waiting for a return or in the hope of oblivion. Everything is under control: modern democratic states are machines for war, war that fascinates and helps good causes, war that is made to make young men with a thousand qualities that we send to die or screw up for a few more or less charismatic and more or less enlightened gerontocrats.One can try to escape in his/her virtual life but the inquisitive community of social networks catches up with us and gives birth to the monsters that the hideous hydra with a thousand eyes wants you to see.

To save us, clergy of all stripes knock on our door, temple merchants sell love and virtue for bargains, it’s the great ball of tartuffs. In the mirror remains this crack in each of us… It takes a crack for The Light to appear. Then, since this world is so inhospitable to us, if you will, let’s take the highway to hell together.

Unanswered hope to give an authentic oldschool thrash experience with some small innovations.

lead Guitar : Martin Dussaut
Rhythm Guitar : Florian Gaillard
Bass : Stéphane Salleneuve
Drums : Hugues Pettes
Singer : Gilles Chaveroux
Arts : Nicolas Durffourg

Country: France
Genre: Thrash Metal