War Dogs – “Die By My Sword”

War Dogs – “Die By My Sword”
Fighter Records
9 January 2020

WAR DOGS were formed in Elche (Alicante/Spain) in 2015 and after completing their lineup during the following two years, they released their debut EP in 2018, being able to play alongside bands such as OMEN or ALIEN FORCE. During the first half of 2019, WAR DOGS recorded their debut full-length “Die by My Sword” at the Blackstage Studios in Alicante, being then mixed in Sweden by Olof Wikstand from ENFORCER. The song “The Shark” is a tribute to Mark Sheldon (rip) of MANILLA ROAD and also features the collaboration of the current band’s vocalist Bryan Patrick.

“Die by My Sword” is an exceptional album of pure Heavy Metal where US Epic Heavy Metal influences by bands such as MANILLA ROAD, VISIGOTH, OMEN, ETERNAL CHAMPION, are mixed with classic elements of bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST or MERCYFUL FATE.

Alberto Rodríguez – Vocals
Eduardo Antón – Guitars
Enrique Mas – Guitars
Manuel Molina – Bass
José V. Aldeguer – Drums

Country: Spain
Genre: Heavy Metal