Street Lethal – “Welcome to the Row”

Street Lethal – “Welcome to the Row”
Fighter Records
5 December 2019

STREET LETHAL plays a fresh and powerful heavy metal sound with catchy riffs, vibrant guitar solos, a great attitude and the amaginz voice of Hell Rose Lethal, where they merge classic influences in the vein of JUDAS PRIEST, W.A.S.P., WARLOCK and IRON MAIDEN with modern sounds in the tradition SKULL FIST, STRIKER, CAULDRON or STALLION, something that will surely please any lover of good heavy metal.

STREET LETHAL were born in Barcelona in 2014 and that same year they released their first EP entitled “Chainbreaker”, a live recording entitled “Live From the Street” in 2015 (11 tracks including versions of RUNNING WILD, HOLOCAUST, X-BOLT MOTÖRHEAD and BLACK SABBATH) and a sophomore EP entitled “Look Out! And Stay in the Streets” in 2016, all of them independently while building a small name within the national heavy metal scene.

In 2017, STREET LETHAL changed drummer and incorporated a second guitarist, completing the current lineup that recorded its debut full-length album entitled “Welcome to the Row”, obtaining a record deal with Fighter Records for the worldwide promotion and distribution.

Hell Rose Lethal – vocals
Criss Lethal – guitar
Dann Atomic Lethal – guitar
Guilty Lethal – bass
Eric Killer Lethal – drums

Country: Spain
Genre: Heavy Metal