Unbounded Terror – “Faith in Chaos”

Unbounded Terror – “Faith in Chaos”
Xtreem Music
2 January 2020

UNBOUNDED TERROR, formed in Mallorca island (Spain) is one of the first Spanish Death Metal bands. It was formed in 1990, originally named Putrefeact Monstruosity until June 1991, when they adopted the name UNBOUNDED TERROR.

The band was soon promoted by the legendary label Drowned Productions, whose owner, Dave Rotten (Avulsed) has been a very good friend of the band’s lead guitarist, Vicente J. Payá, since 1990. First, they released the band’s debut demo “Sarcastic Souls” in 1991 and then their classic full length album “Nest of Affliction” in 1992, owning the honor of releasing the first national Death Metal album in both 12″LP, CD and cassette. After this album, the band played extensively throughout the Spanish territory and recorded two more demos “Growing on Sorrow” (1992) and “Through the Dark Desperation (Evil Laughs Stronger)” (1993). After that, the band was dissolved by Vicente due to problems with the lineup and focused on his newly created Doom Metal band GOLGOTHA, but that’s another story.

In April 2019, Vicente J. Payá, motivated by some people and fans to reunite UNBOUNDED TERROR and seeing that it was the right time, decided to bring back to life the band new members, remaining as the only original member. They immediately started to write new songs and, in the meantime, they played their reunion show, 26 years after their last show, at the prestigious Iberian Warriors Metal Fest on 29th of September. Right after that, in October 2019 they entered and recorded their new album 28 years after their debut, signing with Xtreem Music (ex-Drowned Prod.) being back home with the label that always supported and trusted them. “Faith in Chaos” is going to be released on CD & 12”LP in January 2nd, 2020.

Vicente J. Payá – Guitars
Andrew – Vocals/Bass
Portas – Drums
Juan – Guitars

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Spain