Deadly Carnage – “Decadenza” – Black Metal from Italy

Deadly Carnage – “Decadenza”
21 December 2019

Deadly Carnage were born in 2005 from an idea of Adres (bass) and Marco (drums), when after the first few periods of militancy in the Black/Thrash Metal scene, the intentions of the band suffered a change, with the sound becoming more atmospheric and introspective. In 2007 Deadly Carnage began a slow shift away from the Black Metal scene in favor of Doom, Post-Rock and Post-Metal influences. This evolutionary period is crowned with the release of “Manthe” in 2014, but the changes in Deadly Carnage were far from over, as their goal is to continue to experiment, evolve and explore new territories without setting out any musical limits or barriers. “Through the Void, Above the Suns” represents another chapter in this always evolving path.

This album is a re-release of the 2008 album, which was then reissued in 2009 on cassette by War Kommand Prod. And then another CD reissue was made in 2010 from Dark Babel Records. This album has been totally sold out for about 9 years, which is why the band has decided to run another edition of it, this time in digipak with a completely new and different artwork. The album is a concept on the ancient European pagan religions that over the centuries have been called “witchcraft” and consequently is also a concept on the witch-hunt.

Marcello – Voice
Nicholas – Guitars
Adres – Bass
Marco – Drums

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Italy