Emerald Shine – “Misty Tales” – Fantasy metal from Czech Republic

Emerald Shine – “Misty Tales”
9 November 2018

Emerald Shine is a band from Northern Moravia, Czech Republic, fusing the power of metal music with the delightful sound of a harp, violin, recorders and tin whistles. The usage of three different vocal styles and progressive elements adds to the originality and versatility of their music.

Emerald Shine was born from the need of the main composer and songwriter, Leena, to tell fantasy stories via music which would be heavy and atmospheric at the same time. In 2013, she managed to bring the first line-up of musicians together. Since then, the band has developed their specific style and sound within the folk metal genre.

With all the above-listed instruments and voices performed live, Emerald Shine has been well received by fans at music clubs and festivals. The band has so far released two CDs, a demo EP Beneath the Stars (2016) and a debut full-length album Misty Tales (2018), plus several music videos, of which Rainy Night has been the most successful, becoming one of the 12 finalists of the year 2018 in a music video chart on the Czech channel TV Rebel. Nowadays, the band is performing in Czechia, Poland and Slovakia and composing material for a brand new album.

Leena comments on “Misty Tales”:

«Our goal on the concept album Misty Tales was to tell a “fan fiction” story about the Tolkien’s elves: What if they still lived in our world, even today? What would they think of us, people, and what would they tell us if we met them? The fans can therefore expect some “fantasy metal”, as we call it, as we did our best to express the story also in the music, not just in the lyrics.»

Leena (vocals, recorders, whistles, acoustic guitars)
Radomír (harp, harsh vocals)
Radek (bass guitar)
Kamil (drums)
Dušan (vocals, guitars)
Klára (violin, backing vocals)

Genre: Fantasy metal
Country: Czech Republic