Daemoniac – “Dwellers of Apocalypse” – Death Metal from Italy

Daemoniac – “Dwellers of Apocalypse”
Xtreem Music
19 December 2019

DAEMONIAC was founded by Max ex Horrid (member/founder from 1988 to 03/2014) in the end of 2013, later joins Matt ex-Horrid (member from 1997 to 2009) and the band began to play… Pier friend and fans from long time joins the band too, with great attitude and passion. DAEMONIAC, now is ready to destroy, massive and powersound guitars in the name of the Swedish oldschool Death Metal!

In April 2015 the band recorded their debut EP called “Lord of Immolation” at Sunlight Studio (Sweden) with Tomas Skogsberg and the artwork from the hands of Chris Moyen. The band signed for Xtreem Music a deal for this EP and the upcoming albums, Matt and Pier left the band for personal reasons… Dave (Funest) is the new drummer and Nicko (Ekpyrosis) is the new guitatist. The line-up is completed between August and September 2016 the band recorded the debut full-length album called “Spawn of the Fallen” again at Sunlight Studio in Sweden with Tomas Skogsberg,t he 01.01.2017 the album is out via Xtreem Music.

Nicko left the band in December 2016 for personal reasons. Gigi is the new bassist and Max switched to guitar, this is the new power-trio after some months. Later on, Dave and Gigi left the band. In the beginning of 2018 Matt joins again the band, as drummer, so Max and Matt continue with the bomb “Dwellers of Apocalypse”, recorded in Sweden during June 2019 at Sunlight Studio, artwork by Chris Moyen, the new coming album released through Xtreem Music, borns from the deep of Hell. Now the line-up will be completed for the end of 2019.

Max – Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Matt – Drums

Country: Italy
Genre: Death Metal