Chaos Path – “Downfall” – Kaotysk Metal from Germany

Chaos Path – “Downfall”
14 September 2019

Malignous change. Radical change. Global crisis – personal crisis. Alienation and chaos. Fear. German fear. Tysk? Kaotysk! Chaos path? Attack!

The world we know is in a malignous change and the future is uncertain. In the midst of this global crisis the band chaos path appears in the northern part of germany´s state hessen. The band consists of (ex-)members of my cold embrace, ancient wargod, gymir and reflector.

Where is the stability? Roots? Roots! „…jester´s race“. „de mysteries…“. „…funeral moon“. “seventh son…”. “mad butcher”. “nemesis divina”. „lost paradise“.

„…embrace of evil“. “hammerheart”. „…dusk and…“ „black metal“! Epic. Black. Metal. Dark sound. Pain and destruction. Furiousness. Beauty. Melody…

Chaos path support pure chaos, but their music is not a weapon exhibition of technical possibilities. Definitly not. Their gunsight is much more precise oriented. “Reduced to the max” is the key to follow the five musicians on their “Chaos path”.
Reduction. Evaluation. Construction. Reconstruction. Basics, the roots, core drilling. Core of emotions. War. Precise shoot. Sniper and crosshairs. Flood of Pictures? Storm of pictures. Storm tide. Assault rifle. The naked chaos, naked emotions.
Enter the sights of chaos path where nordic shaped death/black metal meets the surliness of german thrash metal and forms a self-sufficiant mixture. Welcome to kaotysk metal from kassel, germany.

After the release of “The awakening” ep in 2018 they released on september 14th 2019 their first full-length lp “Downfall”.

Ancient Weapon (Sermons of the Chaos Priest)
Viides Ratsastaja (6 String Navigator)
God of Carnage (Noise of Thunder)
Richy Backfire (Deep Tunes of War)
Chaosblaster (Hammer of Destruction)

Country: Germany
Genre: Kaotysk Metal (Mixture between Death, Thrash & Black Metal)