Trinity – “Lux Aeterna” – Symphonic black metal from Italy

Trinity – “Lux Aeterna”
Cippangu Production
1 November 2019

What can you do when you share your love for black metal and classical music? What’s the approach when you love violins as much as filthy guitar riffs? You start a band like Trinity, of course!

Trinity were founded in 1993 as Damnable Desire, in Poland, and splitted when they were divided between Poland and Italy, the current home of the mastermind and only person behind Trinity. What you’ll find here is a mixture of two different yet related worlds, where the musician (who is a highschool teacher) combines metal with symphonic elements, creating something that has as much of Bathory as it does from Sepultura or Behemoth.


Country: Italy
Genre: Symphonic black metal