Beast Of Damnation – “Dawn Of The Beast” – Black Metal from Germany

Beast Of Damnation – “Dawn Of The Beast”
Black Sunset
6 December 2019

When singer and guitarist Heinze (ex-Debauchery, Temptamentum) recorded “Dawn Of The Beast” together with drummer Tomasz (ex-Belphegor) in 2008, none of the people involved suspected that 11 years would pass before the release of the album. But towards the end of 2019 it’s finally time to end this odyssey! After endless problems, Beast Of Damnation will, with the release of their debut full-ength, ascend from the depths of hell.

Beast Of Damnation have always dedicated themselves to the black metal of the early days and that “Old School” feeling is still “Old School” 11 years later. Following the tradition of bands like Venom and Mercyful Fate, as well as the “Second Wave of Black Metal” with bands like Mayhem and Emperor, Beast Of Damnation see themselves as representatives of “Real Satanic Black Metal” in its original sense.

The old recordings were heavily dusted, partly remixed and at the end mastered by none other than Patrick W. Engel (Impending Doom, Purgatory, Heaven Shall Burn) in order to be unleashed with a contemporary sound to mankind in 2019.

Recording Line-Up
Heinze – Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Tomasz – Session Drums

Current Line-Up:
Heinze – Guitars, Vocals
Kralle – Bass, Vocals
Drums – Joe

Country: Germany
Genre: Black Metal