Condemned to Dream – “Black Emerald Cold” – Death Metal from US

Condemned to Dream – “Black Emerald Cold”
Ancient Mythos Entertainment
22 November 2019

Condemned to Dream began in the winter of 2017 as a recording project by Mark Coglan (ex-Mythiasin). Realizing the potential of something truly remarkable, Mark enlisted the services of Jonas Schütz (Diësis, Eraserhead, Sapiency) to come in and play drums for the project in the fall of 2018. A demo of the debut album Lunacy and Clarity soon followed, however, Coglan envisioned something much more. Mara Lisenko (MARA, Karmafree and Ocularis Infernum), winner of Best Vocalist at the 2018 Latvian Metal Awards, stepped up to handle the vocals. A lead guitarist was found in João Miguel (Enblood) and the newly filled out band recorded and released Black Emerald Cold, the follow to the first album, Lunacy and Clarity.

Mark Coglan (rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar)
Mara Lisenko (vocals)
João Miguel (lead guitar)
Jonas Schütz (drums)

Country: US
Genre: Death Metal