Rictus – VIII. Defleshed – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Release

Rictus celebrates the one year anniversary of their debut LP “Leprotic Mass” with a new music video for their track, “VIII. Defleshed” via Pale Noise Media. Following the release of their “V. Dorian – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO”, the band strays away from emphasized character work and aims to celebrate and focus on some of their favorite performances on the LP. Using custom staging, outdoor videography, independent production, and a further exploration of the bands inclusion of visual media in their releases (fabricated by Matt Wees and photography direction/post production by Andy Meyer), the band is proud to be releasing another video in support of Leprotic Mass.

Future plans for Rictus include continuing work on a follow up LP to begin production in mid 2020. Rictus thanks their close friends and families for their continued support of the LP, and those who contributed time/effort into creating both the V. Dorian and VIII. Defleshed music videos.


Leprotic Mass is available via Pale Noise Media at NAME YOUR PRICE

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