SUIDAKRA publishes new video for “Morrigan”

SUIDAKRA have published a new video for the track “Morrigan”, which is part of the band’s anniversary album “Echoes Of Yore”. The video was recorded in Hamburg with director and producer David Thehlen. The video, which deals with the Celtic goddess of war Morrigan, is together with “Balor” probably the darkest video in the band’s history.

Singer and guitarist Arkadius Antonik is very enthusiastic about it: “Katinka Melancholia has created an incredibly good costume and mask for us and we had two actors for the story on set in addition to the band recordings. Jana has answered our call on Facebook. We decided to have her because her charisma was perfect for the role of Morrigan. Both actors mastered their performance fantastically!”

Morrigan can now be watched on the MDD YouTube Channel:

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