Iku-Turso – “Storm Over Isengard” – Folky Black Metal from Finland & The Netherlands

Iku-Turso – “Storm Over Isengard”
Independent & Wolfspell Records & His Wounds
8 August 2019

Forged and brewed in 2017 at Oulu, Finland and fronted by the Netherlands based vocalist Lafawijn, Iku-Turso presents their cold northern pagan spirit in the form of classic second wave black metal sound. An unholy feast of pagan fires emerging from a thick veil of darkness and misty fog.

The band comments: «These songs were originally planned to be bonus tracks for our second album “Pakana” coming out in 2020. However we did not have enough room for them eventually and wanted to release something new still in 2019 as the album was taking a bit longer to finalise, and thus we decided to release them on tape as a nice cold breeze of northern air amidst all the summer heat. There is a strong Storm & Isengard atmosphere here and it is our little tribute to those Norwegian masters of Folky Black Metal.»

Sovereign Korpituli – Ancient Pagan Profanity
Lafawijn – Dark Germanic Heathenism
F. – Hymns of Forefathers
Myrrys – The Pace of Battle
Ruto – The Doom Of The North

Country: Finland & The Netherlands
Genre: Folky Black Metal