Magnolia – “Cynthia”

Magnolia – “Cynthia”
Fat Sound Productions
5 December 2019

Magnolia’s main concept is to be able to transport the mind and soul of those who listen to their sound. The purpose of the debut album “Cynthia“ is to be able to dive into the depths of the woods of this mystical altar that is Sintra (Portugal), place of origin of the band members. Magnolia are inspired to pay tribute to this unique place, where the Celtic people named it “Moon Hill”.

As one hears track by track, there is a true time travel that transports us to ancient times and arouses feelings and emotions in their purest state. Magnolia is Romance, Death, Fado, Emotions and Darkness.

Filipa Pinto
Nuno Gonçalo
Paulo Bucho

Country: Portugal
Genre: Folk Metal Ambient Metal Post Doom FaDoom