Bolg – “Plague Vaccine” – Black Metal from Bulgaria

Bolg – “Plague Vaccine”
Hass Weg Productions
1 January 2018

Bolg (which in ancient Bulgarian means “Wolf” as well as “Wise”) was founded in the spring of 2003 by Krum (guitar, vocals), with the idea of an old-school oriented band. The lyrics are on historical, anti-religious and Antihuman topics, among others. Later on, Kamael (drums) and Daniel (bass) joined the band, and in the beginning of 2004. Stanimir was hired as the second guitarist. The music crafted is black metal in the veins of early Emperor, Dark Throne, Marduk, Satyricon … Shortly after, the band’s first songs were released, as well as a split album with another Bulgarian band (Exile). The song “Pagan Forces” was included in two compilations from that same year. After some line-up changes, Asen joined the band as a second/lead guitar in 2006, then later on, A. Catacombs entered the ranks in 2016 to permanently handle the bass duties. The recording for the first long-playing album – “Plague Vaccine” – had begun. The CD was released in 2018. thanks to the French label “Hass Weg Productions”;”Serpent Eve Records” took care of the MC format. The song “Pokvara” was included in the compilation “Death Metal Bulgarian Fans” Vol.2. Live, the band is well active in their home country of Bulgaria, not missing performances abroad. They have shared the stage with bands such as Negura Bunget, GRA, Lucifer’s Child…

Krum – vocals, guitars
Kamael – drums
Asen – guitars
A. Catacombs – bass

Country: Bulgaria
Genre: Black Metal