Interview with Mindreaper (Melodic Thrash-/Death Metal)

Tell us about your latest release: the main concept; what fans should expect; what were/are your goals with it:

“Mirror Construction (… a disordered World)” is about reflecting on the everyday realities of people. All songs describe how advanced, hypocritical and mendacious our society works. The lyrics of the songs represent a kind of held out mirror in a metaphorical, philosophical, imaginative, but above all always enlightened rational point of view. Sometimes it is thematically individual acting persons (Bull’s Eye, Mirror Artifacts, Purity of Wrath, Against the Flood, Torch’s Fall) or the big picture and its effects (Enigma, Stillborn God, Passage to Extinction, New Age Tyranny, Story of Rejection).
From the time we did started the writing process we tried to be clear in our minds and mostly open for any kind of inspiration we can get, because the new record was a down from the scratch project in comparison to our last records. Our main goal was to write an album that satisfied our artist ambitions that we all can stand behind forever. Fame or any financial milestones do not cloud our judgements in term of writing music. But we had enough self-esteem in our art that we could announce a larger amount of people, what we luckily achieve with the help of Black Sunset/MDD. The people can expect a record full of straight Death/Thrash Metal Tracks with a little bit old school vibe in it, without trying to be a copy of it.

Did you have a specific sound in mind when you formed the band, or did that grow and evolve as you played together?

That is a little bit difficult. The Line Up of the Mirror Construction for example has changed dramatically compared to the other releases. Due the times of the Absolute Zero EP or the Human Edge LP our old guitar player Gunter was the main composer of the song. Ens and myself were not a part of the band due the time. As we joined the Band, he decided to leave the Band and there were only 4 songs left we could use, because I have written them with him together. But the rest of the songs had to be written down from scratch. Accordingly, it came to a completely different song writing because I love a lot of music, which is not necessarily rooted in Death/Thrash Metal. Especially the elaboration of details is very important to me because in my opinion it gives a song a greater depth, even if it is simple from his main arrangement.

How does your writing process normally work out?

I write down the music stuff with guitar pro, where I tab the Guitar-, Bass-, Keyboard-and Drum-Arrangements. If I have a satisfactory construct I share it with the other members and they give me their feedback, what could be changed or not. Depending on that, I continue to work until everyone can identify with the basics. Then we record Demos, where the Vocals-Arrangements will be worked out. But that lies most of the time in the hands of Sebastian and Manuel. Sebastian of course had written the bigger amount of the Lyrics in the social critical style Mindreaper stands for. But in the case of the song “Story of Rejection” from the new Album the words flew through my head forthwith the time I had complete to wrote down the music immediately, so I decided to made an Vocal-Demo the show the guys what is my imagination. Luckily they liked it and recorded the vocals and lyrics compare in that way I did that Demo once. The same goes for the song “Mirror Artifacts”, where Manuel came up with the lyrical inspiration. Because he sings also in another band and has a lot of experience singing in choirs and stuff like that. But at last the main part for the writing of lyrics lies in the hand of Sebastian. That whole development over the last 2-3 years was not really planned as a band. It just happened how it did very naturally and we are glad we have found our way of song writing now.

What are your ambitions and how far do you want to push your band?

We want to continue our chosen path and play as many single live performances and touring we can. This is the most intense communication with the people. re thankful and really open minded for any offer we can get.

What are your influences/musical references and the impact those same influences had in your sound?

I can answer this question only by my taste of music and my imaginations of good and fluently records. I have always preferred records that tell a story and have a lot of dynamics. Memorable moments are one of the very important things for me, from the first until the last song. A lot of Death and Thrash Metal these days are boring. Repetitive Riffs over a lot of Blast Beats and most of the time you only hear an over triggered Bass Drum. Ive been growing up while listening to Rainbow, Sabbath, W.A.S.P. as well bands like Opeth, Death and Emperor. That are all bands who created a unique sound at their time and they have written songs you will never forget from my opinion, regardless of a polished or rather rough production. I would certainly not say that we have already achieved something like that, but my lesson I have got from these acts is to pay attention to memorable moments. We are not planning that we have to be sound special unique, if we are coming to the song writing. At last we want just to create music which will hopefully not forget so fast.

What’s next for you?

From now on we are looking forward to complete our planned gigs for 2019 and searching for offers 2019/2020. At the same we are working on new songs and have finished a bunch of new demo tracks of it. Furthermore we hope that the gap to the next release will not taking 6 years again.