NeoNémesis – “Reflejo Del Caos ” – Groove/Death Metal from Ecuador

NeoNémesis – “Reflejo Del Caos”
Phase Records
2 October 2018

NeoNémesis is a metal power trio formed in 2017 by Charlie Barriga (Guitar, Vocals), Dave Five (Bass) and Luigi Bolaños (Drums), in Quito, Ecuador. At the beggining of 2018, they begin the production of what would become their first EP, titled “Reflejo del Caos”, with music guests of renowed local bands like Jordan Rock (3vol) and Gustavo Dueñas (Descomunal). Luigi decides to leave the band, and would be replaced by drummer Esteban Muela. Their first EP is well recieved in the local scene, which would open doors for the band, playing in different festivals and venues in and out of the country, next to bands like Madbrain, Muscaria, Nirodha, Sacrificium Tagaeri, Cephalic Destruction and more. In 2019 they release their single “The Chaotic Outrage” and Esteban Muela is replaced by drummer David Romero. The band then begins the pre-production of their first album, which will be released in 2020. “Reflejo del Caos” explores the concept of the human mind as chaos, the destruction humans cause to a planet in the brink of extinction. The music explores genres like Thrash, Death and Groove Metal, experimenting with different elements from each genre, but strongly based on the last one.

Charlie Barriga – Guitar and Vocals
Dave Five – Bass and Backing Vocals
Luigi Bolaños – Drums

Genre: Groove/Death Metal
Country: Ecuador