Teutouburg Forest – “Voltigeurs” – Black Metal from UK

Teutouburg Forest – “Voltigeurs”
24 August 2019

Teutoburg Forest Voltigeurs Promo Video

From its inception in 2008, Teutoburg Forest has embraced Black Metal as the medium to explore the unknown realms. Inspired by bands which use philosophical and spiritual themes to guide their creative output, Teutoburg Forest’s intention is to refine one’s awareness by consciously engaging with the unconscious, gaining knowledge and wisdom via direct personal experience. To achieve this goal, the founding member ‘Donn Philo Sophia’ utilises that which is forbidden and hidden to craft a ferocious sound in which the soul is forcibly put to the grind stone. The friction focuses one’s attention to the ‘Now’ and the resulting sparks are used to illuminate the path which leads to the acknowledgement of self.

As the coiled serpent, Teutoburg Forest struck with three self-released demos simultaneously: ‘Chao Ab Ordo’, ‘Anti-Subhuman Scum’ and ‘Cult of the Individual’. Immediately gaining recognition for its authenticity by publications such as ‘Zero Tolerance #26’ stating: “This is Black Metal as it should be, uncompromising and bombastic, intelligent and evil” as well as being featured in the book ‘Hideous Gnosis – Black Metal Theory Symposium 1’. During this time Teutoburg Forest performed live in the United Kingdom supporting ‘Hecate Enthroned’ and ‘Abgott’.

In 2010, various gates were opened and Donn Philo Sophia experienced a monumental shift in perception. Musically this manifested through genres that did not relate to Black Metal, though there was an understanding that the next Teutoburg Forest album would be an amalgamation of these various sounds and styles and so the decision was made to explore these various angles, learn from the experiences to then cultivate a multifaceted sound.

‘Donn the Philosophy’ was created to refine the Black Metal Arte. And In 2011 ’Donn the Philosophy’ supported ‘Taake’ and ‘Byfrost’ on a European Tour. As well as supporting ‘Christ Agony’ ‘Inquisition’ ‘Revenge’ ‘Corpus Chirsti’ and ‘Bal-Sagoth’. With the release ‘Horns Curve into Broken Circles’.

In 2019 Teutoburg Forest released ‘Voltigeurs’ – ‘leapers or Vaulters of the Paths on the ‘other side of the tree’, which is a re-mastering of three definitive songs from its back-catalogue, exemplifying the explosive soul expansion whilst treading the serpent’s path and lays the foundation for the ‘Teutoburg Forests’ first studio album ‘Enantiodromia’, which is being prepared for release 2020.

All instruments and vocals : Donn Philo Sophia

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Black Metal