Val Tvoar – “Today is tomorrow’s yesterday” (Stoner rock, progressive rock)

Val Tvoar – “Today is tomorrow’s yesterday”
Heliaed Records
1 January 2020

Val Tvoar, Estonian guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and founder of bands Soul Thrower and Human Ground. On 1996 released Val his first solo album under the name of Me, Myself and I. The reason for this title was because he was playing all the instruments on that album. 1999-2004 lived Val in Hollywood, LA. Playing guitar with different local bands and worked on Virgin Megastore at Sunset.

2015 he changed the name of the “band” and started to release music under the name of Val Tvoar and his first four song EP was “Into the unknown”. On 2016 came out his first album “In light you believe … but in darkness you dwell”

2020 the wait is finally over! Val Tvoar proudly presents his new album, “Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday”.

The new album offers a warning: let Mother Earth rest. You and me – we’re just taking, and taking…and not giving anything back. We’re a plague. And the end is coming.

For this album, Val Tvoar plays all the instruments and sings all of the vocals. Adding depth to the textures, he’s employed a variety of guitar tunings, and blends a fuzzy guitar tone with melodic vocals. It sucks you in from beginning to end, with a touch of stoner rock infused with a progressive metal vibe. And on top of it all, laced with grunge influences, Val’s vocals are even stronger and more passionate than ever.

“Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday”, a digital album, will be released on January 1st. You can get it for free from CD Baby, as well as from Val’s Bandcamp page, Spotify, and other streaming music providers. The physical album will be released later in 2020. For more information, visit Val’s Facebook page.

Line up:
Val Tvoar – all the instruments and vocals

Country: Estonia
Genre: Stoner rock, progressive rock