PRC MUSIC releases 2 new albums and announces its 2020 schedule!

Just out of the pressing plant, PRC MUSIC is proud to announce the fantastic debut album by CRUEL FATE and the sole recording by VARGR featuring the late Steeve Hurdle (Gorguts, Negativa) on guitar and vocals. 

The CRUEL FATE debut album, “A Quaternary of Decrepit Night Mares” (PRC136 available on CD & Digital) is a masterpiece of crushing heavy old school death metal with an amazing production suitable for fans of bands such as GRAVE, ENTRAILS, JUNGLE ROT and similar heavy hitters, while keeping enough disctinctive elements to make their sound a mere blatant copy of anything scandinavian. Powerful, tight, abrasive and catchy, CRUEL FATE deserves the local attention to spread all over the worldand makes them THE new band in québec, Canada, to look for and to add in every self-respected death metal heads!

The album is in full stream and on sale at the PRC MUSIC bandcamp right here right now (price is in Canadian dollars)!

VARGR sole recording entitled “The Abduction” (PRC135 available on CD & Digital) is now available in a limited pressing of 300 CD and will NOT have instore distribution. Created by Stéphabe Bélanger (Drums & Vocals) and Steeve Hurdle (Guitar & Vocals) and later joined by Stéphane Picard (Obliveon, Bass & Vocals), the trio recorded 3 songs of original Doom/Death that were shelved for over 20 years… until’ now. Vibrant, original and heavy, this guitar oriented recording features some of the most wicked riffs ever created by Big Steeve Hurdle, full of dark atmospheres with an over the top originality. All 3 members exchanges vocal duties in every songs, making this 18 minutes EP keeping you guessing and on your toes for what is to come next.

Once again the EP is in full stream and on sale at the PRC MUSIC bandcamp right here (price is in Canadian dollars):

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PRC MUSIC’s 2020’s schedule is closed and the label will be promoting the following bands and releases:

PRC137 APOCRYPHUS Eternal Suffering CD
Osdm for fans of the early days of Death, Pestilence and Morbid Angel

3rd album of brutal Death Metal for fans of Gorguts, Ulcerate, Morbid Angel

PRC139 SOOTHSAYER Have a Good Time (re-issue) CD
Re-issue of the classic first album! Crossover for fans of Sacrifice, Dri, Voivod

PRC140 HERESY Blasphemia CD
Amazing album for fans of the Bay Area and Teutonic thrash scenes!

PRC141 CREEPING FLESH Into The Meat Grinder CD
Debut album fromThis crushing osdm band comes from Sweden!

PRC142 REPLICANT Tba – New 4th album CD
The band’s second full length!A Mujst for fans of Negativa, Gorguts and Voivod!

PRC143 SPIRIT OF REBELLION Tba – New 4th album CD
The Quebec Death veterans are back with album number 4 for PRC MUSIC!

PRC144 LEPROSY Visions From the Future CD
This young band plays addictive classic death metal a la Death and Gruesome!