SLOWBURN – “Rock’n’Roll

SLOWBURN – “Rock’n’Roll Rats”
Fighter Records
25 February 2020

SLOWBURN was formed in 2015 as a side project by Serra (Jorge Serrano, bass player in Rancor), who wants to use his more classic compositions to form a new Heavy Metal band.

He recruited Jorge Sáez (Drums, Rancor), David M. Romeral (Voice, Ariete) and Óscar Hernández (Lead Guitar, Motociclón) and as a quartet they recorded a 2-song demo. Each song managed to appear in two different compilations (Spanish Steel Attack, Trobador Urbano). After that, Mario Cano (Lead Guitar, Roar) is incorporated and they begin to play live. The two firsts shows were opening for Leather Heart and Cloven Hoof and after that the band finally started their first album recording. David left the band in 2017, being replaced by JC Warrior (Vocals, Metal Legion) who makes his debut supporting Witchtower in Madrid (2018). That same year SLOWBURN participated in Skulls of Metal Festival (Jaen) sharing the stage with Grim Reaper among others.

SLOWBURN is a band of experienced musicians who practice Heavy Metal with multiple influences ranging from the 70’s Hard Rock to all forms of 80’s Metal. They have covered songs from bands such as Mercyful Fate, Savatage, DIO, Iron Maiden, Ozzy and Tony Martin’s Black Sabbath. Their sound combines intricate guitar riffs, complex soloing and melodic vocals with versatile songwriting.

In autumn 2019, SLOWBURN completes the recording of their debut album “Rock’n’Roll Rats” and get signed to Fighter Records that will release it on CD format on 25th of February 2020.

JC Warrior – vocals
Óscar Hernández – guitar
Mario Cano – guitar
Jorge Serrano – bass
Jorge Sáez – drums

Country: Spain
Genre: Heavy Metal