Tell us about your latest release: the main concept; what fans should expect; what were/are your goals with it:

Raw, intense, melodic atmospheric black metal. To the point, short songs, dark and atmospheric but most of all: really intense!

Did you have a specific sound in mind when you formed the band, or did that grow and evolve as you played together?

The band was started with a specific sound in mind: black metal, to-the-point songwriting and intense, high energy but also catchy! not difficult dissonant sound.

How does your writing process normally work out?

We create riffs at home and finish them in the rehearsal room.

What are your ambitions and how far do you want to push your band?

We want to records great records and play live alot!

What are your influences/musical references and the impact those same influences had in your sound?

nineties black metal, raw black metal, atmospheric black metal.

What’s next for you?

Play gigs, work on new material.