EXCALIBUR will see their ’96 unreleased album finally out on Fighter Records!

Fighter Records is proud to announce the official release of the unreleased sophomore album by the mythical Spanish Heavy/ Rock band EXCALIBUR. Entitled “Cero” and originally from 1996, the album will be released on CD as well as in a limited print run of 250 copies on 12″LP vinyl next 24th of March through Fighter Records.

“Cero” was originally recorded in 1996, but due to several circumstances it wasn’t released and only 50 copies were duplicated on CD-R just for close friends. EXCALIBUR ceased their musical activity right after, until their reunion in 2013. This album has a more Hard Rock orientation than their legendary debut “Generación Maldita” from ’88, although with the unmistakable style of the band.

This “Cero” re-issue contains a new cover art, and the CD version will feature 8 live bonus tracks recorded between 1987 and 2014, of which 5 of them are previously unreleased and were never recorded in studio.

Tracklist for “Cero” is as follows:
01. Cero
02. Ramiro el Legionario
03. Ni Siquiera Tú
04. A Cara de Perro
05. Siempre me Pides Más
06. Insatisfacción
07. Blues Blues
08. Aquellas Fotos
09. Tú Eres Especial
10. El Jeta
11. Merlín [Live 1987 – Elche] *+
12. Rockterapia [Live 1987 – Elche] *+
13. Tinieblas [Live 1987 – Elche] *+
14. Metal y Cristal [Live 1988 – Aspe] *+
15. Cierra el Pico [Live 1992 – Elda] *+
16. Ramiro el Legionario [Live 2013 – Elda] *
17. Cero [Live 2014 – Elda] *
18. Insatisfacción [Live 2014 – Elda] *
          (*) Exclusive live bonus
          (+) Previously unreleased

EXCALIBUR‘s “Cero” release will see the light on 24th of March on CD & 12″LP formats through Fighter Records. You can check their official Facebook site here: www.facebook.com/Excalibur.rockband and listen to the 1st advance single on the following link: https://youtu.be/EL6XCJKGtus