Human Act – “Tales from Humanity”

Human Act – “Tales from Humanity”
31 May 2019

Human Act is a Heavy Metal band from Brasília, Brazil, founded in 2013. Influenced by everything that is hard and heavy, the band tries to bring together the best of classic and modern metal. The band is formed by Ricardo Moura (Vocals), Samuel Venzi (Guitar), Felipe Neves (Guitar), Matheus Lima (Bass) and Matheus Naves (Drums).

The band comments on the EP: «This EP is just basically a compilation of the first songs we wrote. There isn’t a main concept behind the songs, but coincidentally all the songs talk about tales from humanity, and that’s why we decided to call the EP like that, which there’s also a connection with the name of the band. The first song, Lifesaver, talks about the struggles and challenges of having a band and wanting to spread you music around; the second song, Land of Nobody, has a political theme regarding our home country Brazil; the third song, Queen Anne’s Revenge, is about the story of the most well known pirate in History, Blackbeard; the fourth song, The Devil You Can See, is inspired by the novel “The Devil to Pay in the Backlands”, by Brazilian author Guimarães Rosa; and the fifth song, Smoking Snakes, is a cover from the Swedish band Sabaton, talking about three Brazilian soldiers who died fighting a German battalion in World War II. We thought this would be a nice homage, specially because there are lyrics in Portuguese. Our main goal with this release was to spread our music around in the best possible way.»

Ricardo Moura (Vocals)
Samuel Venzi (Guitar)
Felipe Neves (Guitar)
Matheus Lima (Bass)
Matheus Naves (Drums)

Country: Brazil
Genre: Heavy Metal

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