OzNor – “Stormbringer”

OzNor – “Stormbringer”
Self-released / Distrokid
20 September 2019

OzNor is a one man instrumental studio project formed in 2019, mostly influenced by heavy metal but thrash metal as well, with focus on the melodic solo guitar.

The self-released and self-produced debut album released on September 20th 2019 brings different moods from heavy, fast and classic old school metal sounds to slow compositions and ballads. The songs are metaphorical, using the forces of nature, which are dangerous but life giving, as well as the forces of mankind to evoke feelings in those who listen to it. As with all instrumental music, in the end it is up to the imagination of the listener.

Norbert (Ozi) Ozogany

Country: Slovakia
Genre: Instrumental heavy metal