Slave Steel – “Ogre Cage”

Slave Steel – “Ogre Cage”
18 September 2019

Rooted in thrash, death and heavy metal influences, their sound is characterized by hammering rhythm section, groovy guitars and acid vocals. Soaring sonic battery, poignant lyrics, give an honest depiction of their core values and social commentary – for these reasons, Slave Steel elevates metal music and takes it to another level of artistry.

Slave Steel is a metal band based in London, a project that started in Rome in 2008. Over 10 years later, it has evolved becoming the sonic squad that is today.

In 2015 Slave Steel self-released their debut album «Entanglement» (Outer Sound Studios, Rome). The following year, they performed at the Metal 2 The Masses London and reached the Grand Finals, achieving the Sponsor Award by Very Metal Art, Their win involved publishing the Lyric Video «Fat Sunday’s Tale», available on their YouTube channel.

In 2017 they released the new self-named EP for the single «True Sight» available worldwide on all digital platforms, followed by a re-mastered version (Finnvox Studios, Helsinki) in 2018.

Their latest single and official Videoclip «Ogre Cage» was recorded & mixed at Rogue Studios (London) and mastered at Fascination Street Studios (Stockholm). The song has been published in late September 2019 reaching 10K views in just a few weeks after its release.

Vocals – Pil Nazzari
Guitar – Daniele Manganaro
Bass – Marco Agosta
Drums – Riccardo Priori

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Metal