Vermilia Shares New Music Video “Mustan Taivaan Morsian”

Finland’s pagan metal artist Vermilia has released her new very abstract music video “Mustan Taivaan Morsian”, the last track from her debut album “kätkyt” which has been a huge success in the underground since its release.

Watch video here:

According to Vermilia’s facebook page, she is in the middle of the process to finish her new release:

“I’m almost done with my next release!! Everything is recorded and it’s in the end of the mixing/mastering process. I really can’t wait to share these tracks with you
Before that I want to share my last music video for the Kätkyt album because I think this song deserves it. So here it is..
An abstract video for Mustan Taivaan Morsian.
This video was supposed to come out long time ago, but for several reasons it took very long time. Enjoy!”

Upcoming Shows 2020:
22/2/2020 Cernunnos Pagan Fest (FR)

”This is an incredibly impressive album from a new and unsigned artist. More people need to know about this act and get excited about it. ” – 9.5/10 Metal Injection

”The atmosphere and feel that this music gives immediately surrounds you. It has a very natural and vivid feeling. It’s the kind of stuff where you just close your eyes and see unspoiled natural landscapes. You have to listen to it actively and really connect to the energy it releases. I’m quite certain that the inspiration for this album came from nature because it really takes you there.” 100/100 Encyclopedia Metallum

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