Goatfuck – “Y”

Goatfuck – “Y”
8 November 2019

With a “fuck you” attitude Goatfuck plays raw, fucked up black/thrash with influences of punk. No classical music schemes, no musical boundaries, music just created for its own sake as it should be! Apart from bands like Hellhammer, Darktrhone, Toxic Holocaust, Nocturnal and several bands from iceland the band draws inspiration from antisocial low life scum and represents it on stage. Goatfucks musical noise may be not innovative, but it will never get boring as it varies and has a rocknroll attitude. “Are you drinking?!”
2016 as Slaughtered Existence split apart, M.Mortvs and Koloss wanted to go in a other musical direction with more black metal influences and founded Goatfuck. Shortly after that the first demo CD “Century of the Goat” was released with Ghoul (ex-Humanitas Error Est) on vocals.
In 2017 Goatfuck began recording their first album with the help of “Hunting Diego Records”. After several lineup changes, Exithus on bass (ex-Fantoft) and Necrologue on vocals (Zeit) joined forces to rebuild the band. In 2019 the record was finished and released as “Y” on CD and tape.

Responsible for Mix and Master: Hunting Diego Records
Cover artwork: M.Mortvs

Necrologue – Vocals
Koloss – Guitar
Exithus – Bass
M.Mortvs – Drums