Commando announce new release details; First single available NOW

COMMANDO is a Portuguese project formed in 2017 by Rui Vieira (Machinergy, Baktheria and Miss Cadaver) and José Alexandre Graça (Extrema Mutilação Auditiva and M.A.D.). Heavily influenced by the crossover/punk/thrash/hardcore spirit, which ‘contaminated’ them in the early 1990s, they decided, in a fate of fate, and a quarter of a century later (25 years without contact), to found a project and to record an album.

Entitled “Love Songs #1… (Total Destruction, Mass Executions)”, the album reflects the spirit, on the one hand, serious and committed to achieving a good end result (at all levels) and, on the other, a relaxed and deconstructive facet of these same influences, in a kind of tribute and, at the same time, respect for those who influenced them, musically and beyond, throughout their lives.

“Love Songs #1… (Total Destruction, Mass Executions)” is set to be released in the beginning of April through Firecum Records.

Metal Is The Lei [03:44]
Moshpitas [00:46]
Ancharge [01:59]
Não Queremos Um Split Com Agathocles [00:06]
Fart In The Night [01:37]
Buh! You’re Dead! [00:56]
Ichi Ni San [02:18]
Skin [02:44]
É Isso, Não Mexas Mais [01:18]
Suine Repelent [00:23]
Daisy [02:18]
Crosta (Fodida) [01:32]
Black Thrash Dos 80’s [01:09]
Bossavelha (Suruba Em Ipanema) [02:17]
Therapy! [02:50]
Isto Não É Nada SLAYER [03:23]