COMMANDO – “Love Songs #1… (Total Destruction, Mass Executions)”

COMMANDO – “Love Songs #1… (Total Destruction, Mass Executions)”
Firecum Records
April 2020

COMMANDO is a Portuguese project formed in 2017 by Rui Vieira (Machinergy, Baktheria and Miss Cadaver) and José Alexandre Graça (Extrema Mutilação Auditiva and M.A.D.). Heavily influenced by the crossover/punk/thrash/hardcore spirit, which ‘contaminated’ them in the early 1990s, they decided, in a fate of fate, and a quarter of a century later (25 years without contact), to found a project and to record an album.

Closed for three months at J.A.P. studio (Moscavide/Lisboa) composing and rehearsing 16 songs, followed the recording with Paulo “Paulão” Vieira at the controls in the Brugo studio (Calçada de Carriche/Lisboa). The result is a mixture of these styles (and anything else) in a mix that they themselves decided to christen… CROSSUNDER!!!

The album is titled “Love Songs #1… (Total Destruction, Mass Executions)” and reflects the spirit, on the one hand, serious and committed to achieving a good end result (at all levels) and, on the other, a relaxed and deconstructive facet of these same influences, in a kind of tribute and, at the same time, respect for those who influenced them, musically and beyond, throughout their lives.

For the artwork, they had the services of Brazilian illustrator Francisco Marcatti, known for his character “Frauzio” in the Brazilian comics but, above all and in the heavy community, for the legendary covers of Ratos de Porão, “Brasil” and “Anarkophobia”. The cover art of “Love Songs #1…” reflects the revolt and despair, turned into hatred, even of the most pacifist, in the face of corruption and abuse in every sector of our society. It has color to reflect COMMANDO’s varied and lively music, and is aggressive, also to match its intense and extreme music.

The physical edition, in CD and vinyl, will be in charge of the Portuguese label, Firecum Records, and its release is planned for the beginning of April 2020.

Paulo Vieira – Production, Mixing and Mastering Recorded at Brugo Studio (Calçada de Carriche/Lisboa)
Artwork: Marcatti Photos: Andreia Vida

Rui Vieira – Voice, Guitar
Bass José Alexandre Graça – Drums,Voice

Country: Portugal
Genre: Crossover/punk/thrash/hardcore