Sallow Moth – “The Larval Hope”

Sallow Moth – “The Larval Hope”
Dead Red Queen Records
15 January 2020
Tape | Digital | CD

Sallow Moth started in the summer of 2016. It is a concept project from the sole member, Garry Brents of Cara Neir. The story arc and themes for the project are heavily inspired by Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy elements — by the likes of Swamp Thing, Hellraiser, Lovecraft, and Magic the Gathering. The main story revolves around the conflicts between celestial humanoid moth creatures who’s life code is about nature preservation and balance among worlds, a technology-obsessed human/android civilization hungry for power and space colonization, and a defected faction of moth beings who went rogue mutating into malicious scavengers & sorcerers who thrive on death and chaos. Thus far, there are two chapters written in greater detail describing the conflicts and progression of the story arc; both can be read on

Deathspore’s chapter contains the primary setting of the story as a prologue and The Larval Hope progresses from there. Musically, the direction from the beginning was to go primarily with death metal, splashing a range of other styles to fit the turbulence and dynamics of the story arc. Sallow Moth takes a mix of influences from the dense riffs and expressive vocal sound of early 90s Swedish death metal like Dismember & Edge of Sanity, jagged time signatures of early progressive death metal pioneers, such as Atheist and Cynic, and flourishes of mid-90’s melodic death metal.

Garry Brents – Instruments, Vocals

Country: US
Genre: Death Metal