Instant Classic
6 December 2019

“II” is the sophomore album from Polish instrumental group ARRM (featuring members of Thaw, Furia). It contains 4 brand new tracks that expand the band’s psychedelic sound, merging influences as diverse as spiritual jazz and modern electronic music. “Of course there are some similarities with our debut album but we’re keen on trying new things, including new instruments such as straight bass,” comments Artur Rumiński (guitar). “Majority of our new music is the outcome of improv sessions we held in our rehearsal space. After coming up with some riff ideas we built more complex musical structures and played around with them until we decided that we reached our common goal,” he adds.  “II” took 2 years to make, mainly due to other commitments. “I wouldn’t call ARRM a typical rockband and that’s mainly due to the way our music evolves outside of what you could call a traditional song structure. We tend to go with the flow, give each note it’s due. It requires patience and time. It’s a long journey,” Rumiński explains.

Artur Rumiński – double neck and acoustic guitar
Maciej Śmigrodzki – synthesizers and piano
Rafał Miciński – double bass and bass guitar
Michał Leks – drums and percussions

Country: Poland
Genre: Post-rock experimental