Nytt Land “CVLT” Pre-order

March 24, 2020, Siberian ritual folk band NYTT LAND will open a new chapter with the 6th album “CVLT” to take you on a mystic travel – path of Shamans.

Ritual songs of ancient Siberia and Scandinavia in an atmospheric mix of traditional throat singing, authentic musical instruments, overdriven guitars and electronic music.
@masha.arkona from @arkonarussia, Tuomas Rounakari and @jonnemusic from @official_korpiklaani were guest musicians and part of “CVLT”. “CVLT” available on limited CD and VINYL with different artworks created by Ungodly Designs.

NYTT LAND’s music, skillfully balancing on the brink of ritual ambient and the traditional folk of Northern Europe, is born in the heart of Siberia. Having started as a folk-rock band in a remote Siberian province, NYTT LAND required less than a year to become one of the most prominent and successful Russian folk projects. Focused on ancient Scandinavia, the band rapidly evolved into an authentic music ensemble, thorough yet at the same time innovative. Both male and female voices are used with regards to reflecting the old vocal techniques.

The main core of the magical sound of the NYTT LAND is Natasha Pakhalenko’s unique natural vocals, in which clean folklore techniques of Siberia and Saami and low Tuva throat singing easily alternate.