Grim Fate – “Perished in Torment”

Grim Fate – “Perished in Torment”
Xtreem Music
7 April 2020

Emerging from the crypt in 2017, GRIM FATE was founded to create some eerie dark and Doomy Death Metal record. The first attempt immediately opened the turmoil, festering the chaos beneath the surface which resulted in the demo “Decomposition”. The dreadful realm had no other choice to open up to the filth of the “Emerging From the Crypt” EP in March 2018, released by Chaos Records.

When the ashes from this release finally were poured into the eternal night, the first part of the “Honouring the Gods” series was released in November 2018. Covering Abhorrence was a great honor and fortifies the dark and fearsome foundation of the band even more.

In March 2019, GRIM FATE is doing a split 7” with Putrevore, released by Dawnbreed Records and Seed of Doom. The release displays the contact between the band and Xtreem Music, which have been signed by the label for their first full length. With the song “Untimely Demise” the band claims to have made their best effort so far, combining vicious and harsh chords with threatening ominous atmosphere.

The upcoming debut album “Perished in Torment” will be released by Xtreem Music in April 2020 and carves a way through every cloud with its dark, brutal and Doomy Death Metal. The twisted Finnish influences are unmistakably present, creating an album which will leave everyone bludgeoned and burned. The stunning art of Roberto Toderico strengthens the lyrics, where struggle and torment set the tone and the unearthly tones are mixed and mastered by Jonny Petterson.

Country: Netherlands
Genre: Death Metal

Pier Dijkstra – Bass/Vocals