Virocracy – “Irradiation”

Virocracy – “Irradiation”
Black Sunset /MDD
20 March 2020

Hailing from Germany, Virocracy presents their debut album that is really something special! The four gentlemen and the lady on vocals create a sound that can only be pressed into a drawer under duress. Although the generic term “Progressive Death Metal” is a rough description of what the listener can expect, the whole work is actually more complex and at the same time more impressive. Stylistically, besides the progressive death elements, there are also excursions into Thrash on the one hand and Black Metal on the other hand. As far as content is concerned, “Irradiation” is a flawless concept album, which critically deals with the role of humans in the environment and tells a dystopian story from the point of view of a misanthropic main character named Rane, whose antinatalistic attitude is once again tested by events that herald the last 5 days of her life.  The album was recorded and produced by Roland Böffgen in the Hard Drive SoundStudios, mixed and mastered by Christoph Brandes in the Iguana Studios(Necrophagist, Deadborn, Pessimist, among others) while Justin Abraham provided a fitting frame for the whole thing with an appropriate cover artwork.

Anika Ov Moseberg – Vocals
Alexander Jelinek – Guitars
Jan Heidelberger – Guitars
Florian Betz – Bass
Alejandro Serrano Martinez – Drums

Country: Germany
Genre: Progressive Death Metal