Progressive metal band ‘Seventh Dimension’ releases cover of ‘A Change of Seasons’ by Dream Theater

While being in the midst of writing what will become the fourth studio album by Seventh Dimension, the band has dedicated some time to record a cover of prog epic, 23-minute song ‘A Change of Seasons’ by Dream Theater.

Dream Theater has always been a major influence to the band and the song ‘A Change of Seasons’ in particular is guitarist and main songwriter Luca Delle Fave’s favorite song of all time. The song broke down barriers for Luca who was 16 years old at the time he discovered progressive music and made him realize what kind of musical path he wanted to embark on.

The story telling qualities of majestic songs such as ‘A Change of Seasons’ became a core element of Seventh Dimension that in the same way strives for telling stories with a fitting soundtrack that transfers the listener into another world. This is the band’s way of thanking Dream Theater that has impacted not only their individual creativity but acted as a trigger for the path that later changed the lives of the members of Seventh Dimension.

Although Seventh Dimension has incorporated new arrangements to live covers they’ve done of other songs before, they decided this time to not rearrange too much what is already a flawless song. The point of the cover is nothing more than to pay tribute to Dream Theater and hearing the song filtered through the band’s hands and the love they share for this masterpiece. A new version with the sound of Seventh Dimension.


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